4 Tips For Choosing A Hotel In Myanmar Yangon

Myanmar is an interesting country in Southeast Asia. It is home to Buddhist temples, colourful and rich markets and teeming with beautiful lakes and parks, not to mention a fascinating history and political culture. Although Myanmar is full of old relics of worship sites and ancient structures, the country is not limited with contemporary and luxurious hotels. If you are visiting Myanmar, search for a hotel in Myanmar Yangon that is suited to your taste and budget. Here are some simple tips that will help you find the right hotel in Burma, Myanmar former name.


If you are in Myanmar for tour and visits to its popular sites, then choose a hotel that is situated at the centre of its biggest city, Yangon. This way, you can easily travel to your preferred historical sites and tourist areas without the hassle. Transportation and hotel accommodations are widely available when you are at the heart of the city. Whether you are in Myanmar for a business transaction or for pleasure, pick a hotel where you can easily get all the things that you could possibly need while in a foreign country.

Better service and hospitality

Before you decide to book for a hotel in Myanmar Yangon, find time to read customer reviews. You might also want to check hotel ratings provided by customers and third party review sites such as TripAdvisor.

Hotel facilities

Another points to consider in choosing a hotel in Myanmar are the facilities available in the hotel. The amenities are important as they will make your stay more comfortable and hassle-free. Book in a hotel with fast internet access with fully equipped kitchen and impressive bathroom with branded toiletries. You should also choose a hotel with 24-hour front desk and room service to attend to your needs.

Hotel rates

A good hotel in Myanmar Yangon does not have to be overly priced. Book in a hotel that offers reasonable rates or one that offers better value for you money. Check for packages and hotel deals such as complimentary breakfast to lower your hotel expenses.

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