4 Tips In Choosing An International School In Thailand

There are several academic institutions in the country so it would not be so challenging for you to find an international school in Thailand where your child can enrol. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider in order to ensure that you will get your child to a reputable school. Here are some tips to provide your child the best education possible while in Thailand or in any other foreign country.

Consider the school’s location

Find out where the school is located and if it is far from where your house is. If it is far from your home, find out if the school has an exclusive transport service. Check the school curriculum and if they put emphasis on language including other important subjects. There should also be a balance between academic focus and extra-curricular activities such as sports and personality development. Visit your target school to check on its environment and amenities. Check on different schools before you arrive at a decision.

Determine the teachers’ proficiency

Find out if the teachers in the international school in Thailand that you are considering comes with certified teachers. The teachers should also be qualified and has earned advance education in teaching. When you visit the school, pay attention on how teachers interact with the students and even with parents. The students should not be afraid of the teachers but they should maintain a respectful decorum before them.

Call some parents

If you know of a parent who has a child enrolled at the school you target, talk to them and find out if they are happy with the school and on the progress of their children. If you know of parents who pulled out their child and enrolled him to another school, find out the reasons why.

Check on the school’s reputation

Another point to check from an international school in Thailand is its reputation. Aside from talking to some parents, visit the school’s website and read reviews or testimonials. Find out if the school was involved in any controversies or if there were legal actions filed against the school. You might also want to get information from the locals about the school.


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