A Successful Marketing Campaign Delivers Real ROI

According to King Kong Sabri Suby, a successful marketing campaign delivers a real return on investment. A marketing campaign could gain a high number of impressions but if it does not convert to sales, it is a complete waste of money.

When engaging with a digital agency, it is important to avoid vanity metrics or figures that try to make the digital agency look good. Vanity metrics are impressive and usually justifies the investment with the digital agency; however, they do not actually demonstrate whether the marketing campaign has been successful.

The majority of the people who are the focus of advertisements do not know, like, or trust the business. Companies must understand that the real client goes beyond the usual demographics of age and gender. In creating a marketing strategy, it is critical to know how the ideal client feels, thinks, and what makes them tick.

At least 3% of customers are active buyers. They are the people being targeted by companies. However, it does not mean ignoring the 97% because they can be used to build a pipeline of future customers. By making frequent contact with customers, a relationship is built. When it is time to make a purchase, they remember the company and what it has been doing. They will be confident about their buying decision.

According to King Kong Sabri Suby, he was able to transform his one-man operation into a digital powerhouse with a value of $30 million. The expected 3-year growth rate is 314%. This is the reason why his company is the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Australia.

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