A Wonderful Stay In A 5 Star Hotel In Patong For A Marvelous Vacation In Phuket Island

The famous beach in Phuket is undeniably Patong Beach and probably one of the marvellous beaches in Southeast Asia. Despite its poor reputation, Patong managed to entice several tourists over the past few years. In fact, there is a number of 5 star hotel in Patong, where you can book and spend the rest of your vacation here. And here are some reasons why you should opt for a Patong vacation.

  • It’s considered one of the most exotic places to visit

Patong can charm tourists to its place. It is here where anything crazy can happen. There are lots of partying to attend, which can surely amaze you. At the Bangla road, you can experience sexually attractive men, friendly bar girls, magic shows, exotic street foods and many more.

  • Patong hotels are mostly inexpensive.

In this beach, you’ll surely find a number of hotel developments; in fact, there is an oversupply of hotels in the area. Especially during the low season, the oversupply is more spectacular. You’ll never be surprised that there is a 5 star hotel in Patong to book in, with its low price for travellers on a budget.

  • Mingle opportunities

If you want to find single men and women out there, this is the best place for you to mingle. You won’t be surprised that you’re here to mingle with people you have never met before.

  • Convenience

As Patong Beach is situated central west of Phuket island, it can be more convenient for you to tour places in Phuket. The magnificent spots are about 30-minute drive from your hotel. So you have a free hand to tour around these new and beautiful places.

  • Best party experience

Patong is the right venue for partying people. You’ll find ice bars, foam parties, go-go bars, blue bars, jazz bars, expensive discotheques and pool parties. Also spend a nice time in Patong as most of these establishments are open till morning. You can go partying all night long.

So if this is the reason why you come here, you’ll surely have a nice time, especially when you’re in a 5 star hotel in Patong for your accommodation. So enjoy a great holiday in Patong!

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