About Real Estate Agent In Canada

The transaction of buying or selling a property can be a complicated activity. The documentation process during the transaction needs the expert services of a competent real estate professional to ensure proper compliance of rules set by the authorities.

The real estate business is a growing industry that gives more job opportunities to a real estate agent in Canada making the profession an excellent path of career progress. However, a registered or licensed salesperson or broker is not a Realtor. There is a difference between a licensed salesperson and a Realtor. The agent must have a membership with the CREA in order to be a Realtor.To be a CREA member, a real estate agent in Canada is expectedto do the following:

  • Committed and loyal to the Realtor Code – The Realtor Code is the accepted conduct standards for all real estate professionals. This is the code of ethics that all agents must adhere to.
  • Knowledge about the current developments in the industry – as a Realtor, you need to be updated with the latest current affairs related to the real estate industry to be able to accurately do your job as a real estate person.
  • Continuing Professional Education – a Realtor is required to have units of courses, workshops, training, and other means of professional development to maintain a good level of information about the real estate industry.
  • Access – a Realtor should have access to the Multiple Listing Service to be able to expedite the sale of properties for the benefit of the clients.

A person who is buying or selling a property can be assured that a Realtor will take care of the transaction in a competent and professional manner. The client does not have to worry about anything because the Realtor is equipped with the knowledge of the housing market. The client can count on the competence and integrity of the Realtor making the client feel at ease and secure.

The real estate industry has contributed much to the economic growth of the country as well as to the careers of real estate agents who work hard to assist and help their clients in their real estate transactions.

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