Frank M Norman

Frank Norman

Editor of Public Integrity News

Public integrity is the quality people seek among politicians. Integrity and credibility are also the important factors that readers look for in their news sources. Our mission at Public Integrity News is to reveal the truth through investigative journalism. We are non-partisan that is why we reveal without fear any abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust. We stand firm on reporting the truth.

Importance of integrity in the news

News today is focused on what is more appealing to a broader audience. However, we are in a world where people do not always believe the stories they read. What matters to people is truth in news reporting. People want to read facts about every event or situation. Writing with integrity means you can connect to people who think in the same way you do. Readers may not like the story that is being reported but they make an effort to read because they know that it is truth.

We at Public Integrity News respect our readers and when we share news, we make sure that it came from credible sources. Readers want honesty in the news they read because they are frustrated with cover-ups. However, it takes courage to be honest and truthful. There are instances when being honest has its consequences. We at Public Integrity News want to build a reputation of integrity and we promise to our audience that we will not do anything that will damage our honesty.

We live in a world today where integrity is not given the importance it deserves. Compromises are made in news reporting. Sometimes stories are exaggerated to gain a good following. Mistakes are covered up with lies because of fear. The list could go on and on and but it has far-reaching results because readers lose their ability to trust.
What matters to us at Public Integrity News is to gain the confidence of our audience. Every reader who puts his trust in our stories will spread the word. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our site or if there are certain events that you discussed more thoroughly, feel free to contact us at www.statesecrets.org.

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