Apple Takes Away Product Reviews As Holiday Shopping Starts In Full

Any self-respecting company operating online does their best to make sure that their reviews are as positive as possible. This is because they know that things like King Kong reviews matter; that customers put a lot of value in what other people say about companies, products, services, and the like. So when Apple suddenly removed all of the customer reviews for their products, a lot of people took notice.

The tech giant, known for the iPhone, and the iPad, among other products, removed the Ratings and Reviews sections for their product pages, covering the US, UK, and AU versions of their online store without explanation. The abrupt change was reported by Apple Insider in days immediately following the move.

The Ratings and Reviews section of Apple’s online store is the place for customers to leave their reviews of the company’s products for others to see. In this section of the webpage, customers could leave reviews, and rate products on a star-based system, as well as see reviews from others based on date of publication or usefulness. All of these are no longer available following the change that Apple quietly implemented.

Several media outlets have looked into the matter, with Business Insider investigating for the UK section. They’ve even got a comparison of the current Apple Pencil 2 listing on the company’s online store, with an archived version of the same listing, and noted how the latter does have the Ratings and Reviews section.

While companies do work hard to keep stuff like King Kong reviews positive, some negative reviews inevitably get put up. Keeping them around is generally considered a sign of the company’s willingness to be transparent and up-front with their customers.

According to the Verge, there were approximately 700 one-star reviews, from India, Australia, as well as the US, of the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter that Apple recently put out. Reportedly, these reviews came not long before the removal of the Ratings & Review section.

As for Apple, the tech giant hasn’t spoken, or issued a public statement on the matter, nor have they been responding to any requests for comments from media outlets.

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