Attractions In And Around Viet Tri

Viet Tri is the capital of the Northeastern province of Vietnam, Phu Tho. The beautiful city is popular for its cultural and spiritual tourism. There are a number of ancient sites and historic relics in and around the city. Viet Tri is also popular among the foreign tourists for its experience-based eco-tourism.

There are a number of interesting historic and spiritual attractions in the city. Tourists can book their stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri, Vietnam and enjoy visiting the many places of tourist interest in and around the city. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Viet Tri are

  • Binh Son Pagoada – The eleven-storey terracotta pagoda is a popular tourist attraction near Viet Tri. Tourists can stay at a hotel in Viet Tri, Vietnam and plan a trip to the Binh son Pagoda at the VinhKanhh temple in the vinhPhuc province.
  • The region is home to magnificent water falls known as the Silver falls, which are located around eighteen miles away from the Viet Tri and Ba Vi national park, which is also eighteen miles away from the city. Stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri, Vietnam and enjoy the beautiful nature and mind-blowing scenery on show.
  • The popular city of Hanoi, is only forty miles away from Viet Tri.
  • Two important tourist attractions close to Viet Tri are PhuTho and Quang UC. Taste the local Vietnamese cuisine while touring PhuTho. The recipes are prepared using the locally sourced ingredients and are prepared using the freshest produce.
  • Visit the ancient village of Hung lo. The village has preserved the ancient houses of the past era. The beautiful houses are preserved and are believed to be ages one hundred and two hundred years old. The ancient village is also home to the ancient technique for making vermicelli. Apart from the Hung lo village, there are many other villages close to Viet Tri that are popular for their unique location and distinct features.
  • The Hung kings temple is another temple with historical and spiritual importance in Viet Tri. Tourists to the city can stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri, Vietnam and enjoy the cultural, historical and other attractions of the city.

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