Australia Might Not Be Ready For Drone Delivery’s Noise

Delivery service using drones is getting a lot of attention right now. Different foods such as donuts, meatballs and pizza have been used for testing this new service. Many businesses including Melbourne courier companies admitted that if this new service becomes successful, it will surely disrupt the current system but they are not worried because now everything can be carried by a drone because the weight limits its capacity.

It was in 2013 when Amazon launched to the public its new service called Prime Air drone which prompted other companies, regardless of the size, to start their own flying fleet for deliveries. Majority of these businesses are catering to customers who are looking for drones that could deliver products to their homes.

Many companies are looking forward to offering this service to their clients but it is a hard road to conquer because it needs to face many obstacles in order for the service to become feasible. There are regulations, depending on the state where they are operating, that they have to take into consideration.

Their main goal is to create a system that is not only safe but also reliable when it comes to delivering products. After several testing attempts, there is one thing that has been noticed by using drones for deliveries and that is the fact that it can be kind of noisy up there. Now lawmakers in Australia are promising to look into the matter directly.

According to Michael McCormack, the deputy prime minister of Australia, he wanted to take a look into the issue because commercial drones are no longer a thing of the future but is apparently coming faster than expected. Many big companies are already investing into the technology and it will be here before we know it.

The decision by the government came after Wing, a sister company of Google, launched its own drone delivery service in the capital city of Australia, Canberra. While they were conducting the trial, Melbourne courier companies said that there were complaints coming from the local residents because of the noise produced. This is why the Australian government has decided to take matters into their hands and conduct a full investigation.

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