Bars Are Trending For Luxury Homes

If you are looking for the best luxury home builder then you will be able to find one in the city of Angles. Los Angeles is now setting the bars quite high when it comes to luxury homes. Not just the bar of standards but the literal bar since it is now one of the most popular feature in most luxury homes in the area. Many real estate agents that are dealing with high end properties have expressed the common denominator in most properties – large cocktail bars.

According to Jeff Hyland, president of an elite brokerage, bars are becoming more and more common features and are usually as wide as one side a room. He even shared how one of their agents is now selling a property worth $26 million. Before the listing, the owner went ahead and installed a bar which also doubles as an outdoor kitchen that is half as long as the pool.

Even brokers based in New York are seeing more of the current trend. A broker named Noble Black shared how it is now the latest thing since most of the luxury apartments are now available in bigger and larger spaces. In Manhattan, apartments are going backwards since they are smaller compared to before and this is one of the prime reasons why there are no bars in the new constructed super high towers such as One57 and 432 Park Ave.

Some of the exception includes the penthouse worth $60 million with 7,400 square foot and a duplex worth $13.9 million with 3,000 square foot. These two are included in the Baccarat Residences located in one of the luxury towers at West 53rd Street. These two high end properties showcase a wet bar that is centered inside the living room.

There are also property owners in Manhattan that take matters into their own hands and add the bar feature inside their homes. One of the buyer sold to buy Black hired a designer in order to add a bar facing the window in order for it to have the view of the Central Park. Another one of his client also remodeled the laundry room in order to have a bar instead.

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