Basics Of AFL For Beginners

AFL is the short acronym for Australian football League. The AFL is much anticipated sporting league in the country. The official AFL season starts from March every year and ends in September. Teams from all over Australia compete with each other in several Home and away matches to get the much coveted title.

Fans shop for merchandise like socks, hoodies, t-shirts etc. at the AFL online store and wait to catch the excitement of the matches.  If you are a beginner and want to understand the different aspects of the AFL, here is a guide to help you.

Two teams with eighteen active players on both sides, compete to kick the ball through the goal posts, which are erected at equal distance from each other. The goal posts are erected on both the opposite sides of the oval shaped ground also called the Paddock.

The AFL match has a set time of eighty minutes which is divided into four equal quarters of twenty minutes each plus any extra time, when required.

Players can take the ball forward on the ground by kicking the ball, by tapping it or by hand balling it. They are not allowed to throw the ball. The drop punt, the banana kick, the checkside kick and the torpedo are some of the techniques for kicking used by the players.

Unlike soccer, The AFL team with the highest points wins the match. However, the AFL did not have such rules at the beginning. The team which scored two goals first was declared as the winner of a match. However, in the modern version of AFL points are considered to declare the winner.

The players are not allowed to tackle their opponents above shoulders and below the knees. Tripping is also not allowed according to the rules of the match. High contact rules protect the heads of the players as they do not wear any protective gear while playing the game. If a player tackles the opponent above the shoulder, the opponent receives a free kick.

The first AFL clubs were created in Melbourne and Victoria. The AFL is also known as Melbourne rules or Victorian rules matches.

Now that you know the basics of AFL, head to an AFL online store, to pick your merchandise and gear up for the next season of AFL.




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