Blacksmithing As An Effective Therapy For Veterans

In spite of advances in technology, there are still people who practice the old art of blacksmithing. They create metal object using blacksmith supplies in Brisbane and their own hands. There are still blacksmiths today including hobbyists that use molten metal, hot coals and the forge as therapy. They still enjoy the sounds of forging anvil.

Ken’s Custom Iron owned by Ken and Mary Lou Zitur is creatingiron work and metal fabricated parts for both domestic and commercial needs including blacksmiths that require tools of the trade. The business is opening its doors to veterans who want to try their hand at blacksmithing.

During the “Blacksmithing for Veterans” event, 60 veterans arrived and participated for the open-forge experience that allows them to work, socialize and ask questions. According to Zitur’s daughter Samantha, her dad has a soft spot for veterans and he wanted to honour them. Samantha Rule had recently returned from active duty after serving in the US Air Force.

Samantha said that it is an honour to host the event to show appreciation for the service of the veterans. The idea to host the free event was conceptualized from a study that was discovered by Ken Zitur that blacksmithing can be a therapy for veterans suffering from PTSD. The special thing about blacksmithing is the need to focus all attention on the task to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This will help the veterans improve physically and mentally.

For the hobbyists, blacksmithing is a low cost hobby. If you cannot afford to buy an anvil, you get a sturdy piece of metal and hammer. There is also the forge and the hot iron that can be used to create metal stuff. A piece of raw materials can be transformed into something beautiful through blacksmithing.

The best anvils are available through blacksmith supplies in Brisbane for those who want to create products from metal. There are cast steel anvils that do not have the deafening sounds of the forged variety. There are also hand tools and equipment that can be used when working with wrought iron and steel to create functional items like gates and fences.

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