Boiler Vs. District Heating System

District heating system is meant to reduce the energy bills of homeowners but according to campaigners and residents, the system is causing fuel poverty. The government wants residents to take advantage of the opportunities provided by district heating networks and help meet carbon reduction targets.

Instead of installing a boiler in every home, heat network systems will send heat and hot water to properties that are along the system of underground pipes. Heat and warm water comes from a communal central heat source. The system is like a mini power station in a housing community or a form of waste heat coming from a recycling plant.

Residents in Myatt’s Field North Oval Quarter estate in Lambert, South London derive their heating needs from a small power station in a building that is known as the submarine. The system that is run by E.on was installed at the same time that the estate was redeveloped.

On the other hand, Uzoamaka Okafor, the chair of resident’s association said that there are problems causing distress among the residents particularly the elderly and vulnerable. Some of the smart meters do not work that is why some residents receive high estimated bills that reach hundreds of pounds every month.

Other issues with the system include intermittent hot water and heating, outages, high estimated bills, poor customer service and technical faults. Some residents do not use the heating provided when they go to sleep because they are distressed over the high bills. Residents have to choose between enjoying heating or eating.

Ruth London from Fuel Poverty Action and Stuart Hodkinson from the University of Leeds said that in the last 4 years, there were 48 power outages leaving some residents without heat for weeks and months. While E.on does not agree with all the issues, residents received a letter of apology from the head of the company’s heat division, Jeremy Bungey.

When the boiler shows signs that there is a problem with its performance, it has to be resolved immediately. You can always call on Paul from APH Heating to make repairs fast for competitive prices. You can always read customer testimonials on what they can say aboutPaul’s service.

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