Boost SEO Through Genuine Customer Reviews

Businesses never imagined that someday customers will be their content creators. Instead of being simply seen as feedback, customer reviews are now considered by Google as fresh content to crawl. Regardless of whether the review is favorable or not, it contains keywords that are relevant to the brand, product, services and location.

Google gains a clearer idea of a business through the customer reviews it receives to allow it to gain a better position in SERPs. Since there is usually keyword density in reviews, the business gains higher ranking for the keywords with increased click-through rates due to better user intent match.

Your competitors may be focusing their SEO attention on website navigation, coding and search terms but if you focus on reviews, you’ll find that there are greater opportunities up ahead. Your website will appear as Rich Results listing if you collect reviews and install rich snippets on the website to transform the listing on SERPs. Any reviews that the business receives will show up as golden stars under the listing.

Google is pretty clever when it comes to understanding reviews. When Google sees positive reviews, it means that the business is providing users the best experience possible. High volumes of quality reviews will make your site appear at the top results of Google.

Visitors are more likely to be intrigued if they see a high number of king kong SEO reviews online. Potential clients will spend more time browsing the digital marketing agency’s website and be convinced enough to convert. Genuine customer reviews will also result to higher local search engine rankings.

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