Car Parts From The Market Threatening Crash Safety Initiatives

Cars sent for repair after a car crash are often using replacement parts that are referred to as knock-off or aftermarket. These replacement parts are not as expensive as the original ones. The same goes when car owner send their vehicle to a body shop. This is done by consumers in order for them to save a lot of money.

According to a report by the Insurance Information Institute, consumers are able to save over $2.2 billion with the availability of aftermarket parts utilized during car repairs. This figure has been recorded since 2010. There is a downside to this – the majority of these parts have not been certified to ensure their quality and they are not safe to be used. This is why authorities are urging car owners to have a vehicle coverage plan from companies such as NCWC Inc to help them cover costs after a car crash.

These knock-off parts are mostly sold on the grey market and these are fine for parts of the vehicles that only act as a cosmetic feature such as grills and fenders. This is not the same with structural parts though such as bumpers and hoods because they are installed for safety reasons. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that those parts are not qualified and haven’t passed safety testing. Using them to pay cheaper repair costs can result to a high price later own.

According to Earl Stewart, a car dealer based in Florida, he is not okay with the idea of utilizing aftermarket parts because this can make a huge difference in terms of car safety during a crash.

If you have not heard of aftermarket parts or what is also known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS). These parts are created by copying the blueprint of the original maker thus parts are identical to the original ones. Some of them have been given a certification by a non-profit organization while some are not certified at all.

This is now creating a hot issue because of the effect of knock-off parts that can affect the overall integrity of a vehicle. It is therefore beneficial for car owners to have a vehicle coverage plan from companies like NCWC Inc to help them cover cost in case of such situations.

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