Changes Brought By Cloud Computing To Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has been faced with various challenges and many of them have been answered by cloud computing. According to statistics, in 2015 the cloud computing market is worth $3.73 billion and it is expected to increase to $9.48 billion in two years time. The figure shows that the yearly growth rate when compounded is at 20.5 per cent. This only proves that healthcare and cloud computing are the perfect match.

One of the major problems encountered by people living in remote areas is that they do not have access to healthcare, the same goes with busy people. Thus there is an increase in demand for virtual care solutions or also known as telehealth. There are already a number of states that altered their laws in order to implement telehealth and to answer this problem.

It is common for patients not to follow the prescription and dosage given by their doctors. This is the main reason why there is a high rate of readmission which takes up a big part of the budget of the healthcare system of the country amounting to $290 billion yearly. There are now products available in the market that were designed to help patients remember when to take their prescribed medication, record and automatically reorder if they ran out of sticks.

The drug sector is still riddled with many issues including theft, expired medicine being sold in the market and counterfeiting. Tracking the supply chain is made easier because of cloud computing. The latest bill passed by the government is the DSCSA or Drug Supply Chain Security Act which mandates stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry to track and report the latest status of their drugs while on transit. There are now solutions that make it possible to track the supply chain as well as have real-time updates to detect suspicious activities.

One of the most controversial in the healthcare industry is the security of the personal information and medical records of patients. Various solutions have been developed that focuses on healthcare and cloud computing in order to help protect these important data in large volumes.

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