Construction Industry Staying Positive

The construction sector of Fiji is currently on a static thus a group of suppliers, builders and subcontractors in the local region are remaining positive regarding the future of the industry as they try to life it to a new level. The same goal is being accomplished by builders in Christchurch as they strive to help in the growth of the construction industry.

The group is called FMBA or Fiji Master Builders Association and they are planning to adapt the booming industry with the current technological innovations as well as sustainable methods such as value added services that are delivered in the highest degree possible.

According to the forecast of the central bank for next year, the region will have a 3.6 per cent increase in their economic standing. This is mainly due to the tourism in the country. Vijay Raghwan, the president of FMBA, they are currently in a good place to be able to play a role in this era. The members of the group are willing to up their game and make sure they are instrumental in the growth of the industry.

Mr. Raghwan said that they have been contributing in the economy of the country for 56 years already and they are one of the reasons it has reached this point today. Within that period, countless players have ventured and left but they are still standing thus they have the role to aid the government in creating a string economy. They plan to provide more training for each of their members.

Mr. Raghwan is an expert when it comes to the building and construction industry. He said that the sector has already overcome many obstacles years after they gained independence until the economic slowdown. While other builders are focusing on rebuilding works, FMBA is at the back of the government as they reach their vision of a stronger come back.

The group has currently over 40 construction companies as members ranging from small to large. The group is beneficial to the companies much like builders in Christchurch have their own organization to benefit from. As of now FMBA members have around 15,000 employees.

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