Creating Your Home Office Space

For some people who needs to work at home once and a while, a home office with a desk placed inside a spare room might be enough or they can work on the kitchen table as long as they can place their laptop. For temporary work, this is acceptable but if you are working at home long-term then you deserve a better home office and it should be far from the office cubicle you used to have.

Lisa Kanarek who wrote a book entitled Organize Your Home Office for Success is also the women behind the Working Naked blog. According to her, an ideal home office should conform to the interests and personality of the person using it. You are no longer limited to the rules that govern a corporate setup therefore you can decide on a space that will help you improve your productivity as well as unleash your creativity. The main goal of a home office is to make you want to work and excited to get to your office everyday despite the fact that it is only a few steps away from your bedroom.

Melissa Michaels, a décor blogger and author, said that you should have an inventory of all the supplies you will need daily as you work as well as files necessary for your work. Consider your needs to decide between a standing desk and a kitchen island. Your home office should have something you will look forward going to everyday such as the natural light that passes through the window.

Ms. Michaels added that if you are to create a home office out of your living space, make sure it blends with the help of organic dividers such as plants to separate the living area. It should be functional and aesthetic to look at the same time.

You don’t need to buy new furniture but make use of existing once which can accommodate what you need such as an old cabinet for keeping files and supplies.

Your seat in the home office should be facing the door and not the other way around. You do not have to be positioned directly in front of it but it should be in your line of sight.

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