Developing Body Awareness Through Pilates

Many people undertake pilates in Rouse Hill in order to improve their health and manage the wear and tear of their bodies. Besides that, regular pilates classes provide rehabilitation for people suffering from back, shoulder and neck problems. There are also a multitude of other problems that can be helped by pilates.

Kate Blyth grew up attending pilates classes with her mom. Years later, she became a certified pilates instructor. Right now, Kate is a pilates mat instructor at Pilates and More. Many of the techniques that Kate teaches her class are original methods of body conditioning that have been developed by Joseph Pilates in the late 1920’s.

According to Kate, most of the foundational exercises are found on the mat because of the weight of the body is used as resistance in the development of strength and flexibility. Through pilates, body awareness will be developed, the core can be strengthened and flexibility and posture can be improved.

Many people attend pilates classes because they need rehabilitation from something. Debra Murphy, the mother of Kate, utilizes clinical physical therapy background and teaches her clients that stability is the center of the body that will control factors that contribute to back pain and issues with hips, knees and neck.

To increase strength and stability, yoga is also used; however, yoga and pilates have different end goals. In pilates, there is no extended amount of time to sit or hold a certain position. Pilates is about movement and exercises that go more quickly and oftentimes, longer. Pilates also differs from yoga because its core basis is to set up a stable part of the body to be challenged with movement.

Although yoga remains more popular than pilates, the exercise is growing in practice through technology. There are YouTube videos of people doing pilates which increases its exposure and recognition.

Classes for pilates in Rouse Hill are definitely smaller so that the instructor can focus on you. Experts assist you in movement trainings, techniques and conditioning while ensuring that you are having fun while learning to move well. Unique methods help in making you flexible, have a solid core or simply make life a little bit easier.

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