Equipment To Hire For Perth Wedding Marquees

When you are in need of Perth Wedding Marquees, you will have to rent, not just the marquee alone, but the equipment that goes with it. Without the equipment, your marquee would not be as spectacular as it should be. Some of the typical marquee equipment for weddings includes the following:

Marquee lining

Marquees for wedding need to appear magical. The appearance should be like in a fairy tale and the marquee will not get that kind of magical vibe if it would be bare. This is the reason why marquee lining is a must especially during weddings. A suitable marquee lining should be pleated. An ivory colour would make the event even more romantic and sophisticated. Linings and drapes are used on ceilings, partitions, walls and windows. These linings are perfect for Perth Wedding Marquees. Make sure that the colour of drapes and linings are in accordance with the overall theme or motif of the wedding.

Marquee lighting

The marquee lighting is another must and also typical equipment during weddings. It adds a dreamy ambiance to the occasion especially if you would choose soft lights. There are different types of lights that can add beauty and glamour to the event. There are LED lights, dancing lights and decorative lights, chandeliers, floor up lighters and other lights that will accessorize the marquee. There are also lights and switches that are waterproof. These types of lightings are suitable if your wedding is held on a rainy or winter season.

Marquee flooring

Most people include flooring on their Perth Wedding Marquees. This is because weddings normally hold dances during the reception and couples do not want their guests to be muddy especially if the wedding is held during rainy season. Marquee flooring can be used as walkways, paths, dance floor and flooring of the stage. Marquee flooring can be made of wood while some are made of carpet. There are also sub-floors that can be rented. They serve as ground protection and cover grassy areas or if the grounds are muddy. Sub floors are slip free and they are placed around bar areas, pedestrian walkways and catering floors.

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