Every 9 Days, Someone Drowns In Orange County

When people hear the word California, they would immediately think of beaches, palm trees and swimming pools. Summer fits perfectly with California due to the number of beach cities the state has and the 1000 miles of California beaches. But beaches are not the only thing that California has to offer, they also have one of the largest swimming pool industries in the country. Their swimming pools range from Infinity pools Orange County, backyard pools and public pools. In fact, there are about 1.2 million private-owned pools and an estimated 300, 000 commercial pools in the state.

But as the number of people who go to beaches and engage in pool activities increases, this would also mean that there is a higher chance for someone to drown.

In Orange County, it is still only spring but it has already become a drowning season.

According to the statistics of the Orange County Fire Authority for the month of April, reports of drowning have begun to increase and would continue until summer. This year, there are already four near-drowning cases and six deaths that were recorded in the Orange County. Furthermore, there was an average of drowning every 9 days last year.

Everyone is now considered at risk of drowning.

Last year, about 9 people died in the ocean, which includes a lifeguard who was only trying to perform a rescue. Three people died in a spa while in community pools, six people were reported to have drowned and died. Family pools have seen thirteen deaths and even bathtubs are now considered dangerous with eight reported deaths.

There were a total of 41 needless deaths last year, which is also considered as the second worst year on recorded. The worst year was 2012 with 53 deaths.
According to the OCFA Capt. Steve Concialdi, every case was deemed unpreventable. There were also 44 near drowning experiences.

If you think that it gets better for those who survived drowning, then it is a little saddening to know that most of the survivors of these near drowning experience have received permanent brain damage.

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