Few Issues Likely To Be Faced By Truck Drivers In The Coming Year

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released the results of its annual survey about the critical issues of the trucking industry. The results are classified into 2 different categories: issues faced by carriers and issues faced by truck drivers.

Let us discuss the results of the survey in brief to know about a few critical issues faced by the drivers trucking in Hamilton, Canada and America.

Driver Compensation

Compensation is a crucial issue for most drivers. Last year the drivers enjoyed an increase in pay due to the shortage of drivers. But nevertheless the driver wages and benefits are not in pace with the rising inflation. Moreover some companies do not compensate the drivers for detention, wait times and other non-driving duties.

Hours of Service

Drivers have a 14 hour driving window without adequate breaks. Most of the companies are unwilling to comply with the FMCSA proposal to make changes to the 30 minute break policy and sleeper berth provision for drivers.


Lack of designated parking spaces for trucks is a major concern for drivers. They are forced to park in undesignated areas and unsafe locations.

Driver Detention

Delays due to detention have a crucial impact on driver earnings. To escape detention, drivers are forced to park at undesignated areas if they run out of on-duty hours. Detention also results loss of time and delays in delivery.

Driver Training Standards

With increased emphasis on safety, the entry level driver training rules are set to become stringent. Most of the present drivers do not have extensive safety training, which may result in issues of detention.

Driver Distraction

Commercial truck drivers are subjected to the impacts of driver distraction every day. This may result in serious accidents and fatal motor vehicle crashes.

Poor Infrastructure and Traffic Problems

Poorly developed and maintained road infrastructure and problem of road congestion increases the wear and tear of vehicles, fuel consumption and emissions. It also leads to stress in truck drivers, which results in mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

These are some of the key issues likely to be faced by drivers trucking in Hamilton, Cambridge and other places across Canada and America.

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