Girl Scouts Turning To Online Marketing To Sell Cookies

COVID-19 has forced a lot of industries, organizations, and people to adapt their daily comings-and-goings, with many turning to the experts of king kong marketing agency review and online ads to sell products and services.

Southern Illinois’ Girl Scouts have decided to go online as well, turning to online marketing to reach out to prospective customers as they stick to safety guidelines while selling their cookies and magazines in person. The shift to online means that Girl Scouts can still raise funds for troop activities, as well as offer a chance to learn business skills amidst COVID.

Southern Illinois Girl Scouts Director of Product Program Kristen Gibbs says that Girl Scouts are all about giving their scouts a chance to learn important skills, build up business savvy, and serve the community. The Girl Scouts employing online advertising is happening at a time where things like king kong marketing agency review and online ads are more useful and important than ever.

The Southern Illinois Girl Scouts will be running the Fall Candy and Magazine Product Program are in effect, where scouts sell gourmet candy, nuts, and snack mixes, alongside magazine subscriptions. All proceeds will stay in the Southern Illinois region, with a percentage going to troops, while the rest will go to the Girl Scouts organization itself for funding the organization’s needs, like leadership programs, financial assistance, volunteer training, and the like.

In-person sales will run until October 18, 2020, while the online sales will end a week later, on the 25th.

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