How Branded Promotional Merchandise Can Be Integrated Into The Marketing Mix

A few months ago, Entrepreneur Magazine published an article on the top marketing trends for 2017. The article missed something important – branded merchandise that is an essential ingredient in any marketing mix. There is no doubt that digital marketing is now the trend but consumers still appreciate branded merchandise in the form of a customized coffee tumbler or an umbrella with a company logo.

In order to integrate branded promotional merchandise to the marketing mix, an entrepreneur can write a company blog and use a branded giveaway to promote the URL of the company’s blog page. Relevant content contained in the blog will attract the target audience and drive traffic to the site.

There are personalities with thousands of followers in social media. In order to access the target demographics, find these people and ask them if they can represent the company’s branded giveaway in their social media posts. Assuming that your target demographics are active on social media, the post can easily generate brand awareness.

If you know your target demographics, it will be easier to determine what promotional items will be appreciated. For example, if the target audience is students, highlighters and notebooks branded with the company logo or slogan will be the best possible giveaways.

Visual content can also be attractive to your target audience. Create instructional videos, testimonials and welcome videos to interact with end users. Videos are also the ideal platform to showcase the brand and the product. Individuals appearing in the videos can wear t-shirts branded with the company logo or sipping coffee casually from a branded coffee mug.

Automation through software is a popular toolfor company marketing campaigns because it allows them to stay on top of leads and potential customers. The same strategy can be done with ongoing promotional campaigns by preparing customized branded promotional merchandise and sending them to customers at differentstages of the sales cycle.

Ephemeral content is hot thing right now (like Snapchat) and the same technique can be applied to promotional items. The marketing campaign can be tied up with limited edition branded promotional items to help drive conversions.

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