How Employees Feel About Working With Celebrity-Owned Brands

Employees who take the time to leave positive King Kong agency reviews are most likely happy about the job, the management and the workplace environment. Online reviews have become a reference point for job seekers because they trust personal experiences when making a decision. The fact that people trust reviews is motivation enough for employers to provide a supportive and collaborative environment to its employees.

These days, it is no longer surprising to hear about ultra-famous actors, musical artists and reality TV stars using their fame in new business ventures. Many celebrities have become successful in business and employ a few non-famous people. However, even if the brands are owned by famous celebrities, they are subjected to the same scrutiny as other businesses when it comes to their workforce.

There are several online career sites where both current and former employees can anonymously post reviews about companies. It turns out that even if the employer is a celebrity, employees do not automatically love their jobs. According to the online reviews, there are good and bad parts about working with star-backed brands.

A current anonymous employee posted that GOOP with was founded by Gwyneth Paltrow tries to do so much at the same time and emphasizes perfection. This results to a pace and growth that are difficult to sustain. On the other hand, the company offers great start up perks, a beautiful office, great mission and health-centred social events.

An anonymous former senior director of innovations reviewed The Honest Company founded by Jessica Alba. She wrote that the company does not believe in hand-holding; employees have to advocate for themselves, their projects and work.

Employees say that Wahlburgers founded by Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg is always busy which means that money is good. However, a former line cook comments that management needs to be more organized.

Positive King Kong agency reviews are testament to how the company treats its employees and how it strives to create a pleasant and productive working environment. Online reviews of a company are very important not only from the point of view of employees but customers who prefer companies that treat their employees well.

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