How Evidence-Based Exercise Management Deals With Medical Conditions And Injuries

Evidence-based exercise management is provided by exercise physiology in Birkdale for those who require a high level of exercise guidance to manage a medical condition or injury. The private clinic ensures privacy and comfort in a professional environment.

Exercise has always been considered as an important part of a healthy lifestyle; however, 80% of Americans are insufficiently active. Based on findings from previous researches, lifting weights can help minimize depression while cardiovascular activities can minimize anxiety attacks. Any type of body movement can improve mental health.

A new study at the University of Vermont Medical Centre the was published in the journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine revealed that exercise can be prescribed to mental patients before psychiatric drugs.

The efficacy of anti-depressants can diminish over time resulting to patients suffering more from side effects instead of benefits. Jerome Groopman reported recently in The New Yorker that the field of psychiatry has long offered controversial treatments because there is no biology for mental illness. Usually, it is more guesswork than science.

According to David Tomasi, psychotherapist and lecturer at the University of Vermont, most patients in the United States are treated with medications and exercise-based treatments are only prescribed for a limited capacity or not at all. According to research, exercise must be prescribed first before any other form of treatment.

The results are surprising because after a 60-minute session of strength training, flexibility training and cardio, 95% of patients said that they felt better while 63% reported feeling happy or very happy instead of being sad or very sad. 91.8% of the patients said that they were really pleased with their bodies after the session.

Exercise was never considered as a life or death treatment option but now that research reveals that exercise is effective, it can used as a fundamental pharmacological intervention. Human bodies were designed to move and yet they are now paying the price for convenience.

The world today survives without performing even the most minimal physical activities. Many studies have proven that exercise physiology in Birkdale can help with musculoskeletal rehabilitation, post-operative and injury rehabilitation, weight management, senior fitness, chronic disease exercise management and sports strength training.

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