How Hair Loss Makes Men Such As Prince William Age Faster

According to experts, Prince William seems to have eight years more than his actual age because of his thinning hair. The next heir to the throne now resembles a 42 year old man when in fact he is only 34 years old. This is due to the fact that balding men are ageing faster compared to other visible physical traits. When this happens, their actual age will have eight years more.

Graying hair, on the other hand, adds seven years to a man’s age while there are other physical traits that adds years to a man’s age such as excess weight, having a moustache and man boobs – all of these have an additional average of two years in their actual age.

The findings are based on a survey that was conducted by Crown Clinic with 1,000 participants located in Manchester. Crown Clinic is one of the well known hair transplant centers in Britain.

If George Clooney decides to dye his hair for some reason, he will look 48 which put him to 7 years less than his actual age of 55. For the same reason, men who have full beards will look five years older. If David Beckham decides to shave, he will look 36 rather than 42 which is his real age.

The fourth top factor why men ages faster is when they decides to sport a goatee which actually adds four years in their age. Leonardo DiCaprio will resemble a 37 year old man if he decides to sport a clean shaven face instead which is four years less than his actual age.

The number five reason age men faster boils down to when they are heavily unshaven. Take Simon Cowell for example. He is currently shown in X Factor. His heavily unshaven look ages him by three more years. If he decides to shave he will look 54 compared to his actual age which is 57.

The football captain of the team from England, Wayne Rooney, is only 31 years old. It was good news that he decided to do something about his baldness which would make him look 39 years old.

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