How Important Is PADI Instructor Course In ThailandTo Scuba Diving

It’s really not easy to be a professional scuba divemaster. You need to undergo PADI instructor course in Thailand to live your dream and take part in the scuba diving industry to be at the most fascinating tropical locations. If you want to take up the course, be at Koh Tao as it’s the centre for scuba diving and a premiere location for those wanting to be a PADI professional. You’ll also enjoy the great weather, fantastic visibility and diverse marine life. Once you’ve completed the PADI instructor course, you can go globally, meet interesting people, experience various cultures and visit amazing places while working as a scuba divemaster along the way.

Living a Dream

As a scuba instructor, you will be able to open minds and hearts into the hidden beauty of nature with an obligation to preserve it. You help build self-esteem in another person and teach him or her the value of integrity and character. You transform another being and make his or her life better. As the instructor for scuba diving, you see fear altered with courage, view an accomplishment, mold confidence, and turn scuba diving into a passion.

The Instructor Course at Koh Tao

The programme will take you 14-days to finish the PADI instructor course in Thailand in Koh Tao. The last two days will require you take up the PADI instructor examinations. After completing the course, you are qualified to become an open water scuba instructor, EFR and Emergency oxygen provider instructor. Then you can go scuba diving with students, who also want to learn about basic scuba diving courses.


You need to pay around 40,000-baht to complete the PADI instructor course in Thailand. To be a PADI divemaster, you must have joined another diver training organisation for such course. You also need to be aged 18 and have a minimum of 60 logged dives, with documented experiences in underwater, deep diving and night diving navigations. You also need to be licenced for six months and have a medical clearance that you’re fit to pursue as a certified divemaster.

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