How Patrick Mahony Deals With Mental Disorder And Substance Abuse

A dual diagnosis is given to someone who is suffering from both substance abuse and mental disorder. They can be bipolar or experiencing depression or intense anxiety. In these situations, they need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist to help treat the problem. Sometimes, a psychoanalyst like Patrick Mahony can be the best person to deal with this problem. Note that psychoanalysis is some treatment which relates to current situations and what had happened in the past. He can also recommend programs that help treat and make the condition better.

Some people with mental disorders may also have developed substance abuse. The situation is worsened; hence, their condition will have to rely on drugs. Also, some people who develop substance abuse problems end up with mental disorders due to lack of serotonin created in the brain. This then develops into disorders like depression or anxiety. But what many medical professionals do is to have them take prescribed medications and undergo therapies. The drugs minimize their symptoms and help them detoxify from the dependence of drugs or alcohol.

When someone experiencing mental disorder and substance abuse resort to psychoanalysis, he or she is helped to disregard the issue. The process can be painful and long but it’s the only way he can be helped. Psychoanalysis is also hitting two birds with one stone. Someone like Patrick Mahony can be very helpful and professional. He takes time to know the patient until a time he or she feels comfortable with him. Then he can voice out his problem and learn to trust the psychoanalyst. There is a greater chance for success in healing the mental disorder or substance abuse. The therapy sessions may last weeks, months or years, depending on how the patient responds.

Patrick Mahony is highly educated and learned when it comes to psychoanalysis. Though he may not be considered a psychiatrist or psychologist, but he has gained years of experience and training related to drug rehab and alcohol abuse. He works to help the patient be aware of the reasons that contributed to his character. And many of his patients can attest an improvement in their condition, so they can move on with life.



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