How You Can Sober In A California Alcohol Rehab Center

The very first weeks and months in a California alcohol rehab are incredibly the riskiest periods for relapse and continuing abuse. It’s first year of sobriety is really the weakest unless the patient has a willpower to change for the better and not resort to substance abuse. He plans to fully recover and restore a healthier lifestyle that will lead to no relapse and more improvement in his state of life. Below are three ways to sober after a drug rehab program:

  • Stay involved with aftercare

Once drug rehab ends, the patient is required to participate in therapies and counselling so he remains sober for a longer time. Ideally, you should look at this rehab program in a two stage process. The first stage you may have undergone in a California alcohol rehab center, and the second stage after you are rehabilitated, which is equally important to the first.

The therapies and counselling are usually done by a psychologist, and will mean regular involvement in 12-steps meetings, and some involvement in local group supports. It doesn’t matter what you are using, so long as you stick to the plan for at least a year, so you remain sober.

  • Modify your routines

During your stay at the California alcohol rehab, you may have done a relapse prevention plan to minimize your cravings and avoid the possible substance abuse. When you leave rehab with good intentions, you somehow overlook the tendency and become overconfident that you’ll end up on your old ways. In the first year, if you really want to recover, you need to stay away from temptations and probably from the old friends you were accustomed with.

  • Give something back

When you’re into drug or alcohol addiction, it can be a selfish and destructive period. However, if your health has been restored, why not try to be a better citizen of the country by being a volunteer, a mentor to a recovering addict, or probably do something to give back to the community. When you are concerned for yourself and others, you add meaning to your life and sobriety, minimize temptations for use, and simply have your free time occupied with something meaningful and trouble-free. This then you can give back on what transpired in the California alcohol rehab center.

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