Investing In High Quality Outdoor Furniture

According to the owner of the Industrial Revolution in Granville Street, Alan Wilson, excellent quality outdoor furniture should be invested upon. Industrial Revolution is a well known home furniture store that is owned and managed by a family. They have been keeping in touch with the latest trends for the last thirty years while making sure that their brands are high quality.

Wilson shared how he is appalled that every business is now into selling outdoor furniture even the local grocery stores. Majority of the customers Wilson encountered have expressed their opinion that they are not going to purchase outdoor furniture because it will not be used that much but he countered that since the furniture will be placed outdoor, it is important that it should be of good quality. Customers should go for fabrics that will not fade over time due to too much sun exposure while quick dry outdoor foam should be chosen for outdoor furniture. He advised against buying outdoor furniture made with cheap foam since it will soak up the water and it will take days before it dries up and can be used again.

Wilson shared that the major difference between wicket sets that are priced at $300 and another at $1500 is that the more expensive one is made up of tighter weave. This means that it will not unravel even after years of using and the thickness of the aluminum frames used is also indicative of the quality of the furniture. Thin frames will be cheaper compared to expensive ones which are made of thicker aluminum frames. Thin frames indicate a lower tensile strength and it is obvious by the lightness of the furniture when carried.

Wilson always cautions buyers to beware of cheap outdoor furniture. Just like any product in the market, you get what you are paying for. Furniture that is cheap is cheap for a reason and if it costs more, it is because there is a reason why it cost more. Customers should always ask themselves what they are paying for before buying. For customers wanting to purchase home and bathroom furniture, the Bathrooms and More store summer sale is now starting.

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