Landscape Map As A Promotional Tool For Ohio County

Cities and towns often make use of landscape maps for promotional purposes. It is different from the traditional road maps that are drawn according to accurate scale and which are used by travelers for navigation. The landscape map shows an area as viewed from above and highlights major landscape features, buildings and tourist attractions. The map is visually appealing, informative and highly accurate.

The Ohio Convention Tourism and Visitors Commission (Ohio County Tourism) has revealed a project that will produce a 13”x 17” full color landscape map as a promotional tool for the county. The commission is calling the attention of businesses, tourist attractions, organizations, government agencies and event organizers to support the project.

The Ohio County Tourism will be working with an artist who specializes in hand-drawn maps of towns. Once finished, the landscape map can be utilized as a marketing tool by businesses, attractions, organizations, agencies and event venues.

The artist that was commissioned for the illustrated map has created similar maps for Kentucky and Ohio, including Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. The map will not be drawn according to scale because it is not intended for directional purposes. The artist will be sending promotional materials which can be used by interested businesses.

A sample of the map has been presented to the tourism board, Rising Sun Main Street and Rising Sun business owners during a business meeting. In order to be included in the landscape map, each entity is required to pay $50 per item that will include a front side option and brief written description. Entities can provide their business logos and pictures of the building and people that want to be drawn.

Creating a map is a complex process and has to be proofread along the process. Once completed, the map will be printed in “tear-off” tablet form and distributed to the local area.

It is very easy for landscape maps to draw the attention of people because of its visual appeal. Illustrated maps  have a component of storytelling which is not present in text. People understand an illustrated map more readily because they drive a message which can be visualized and remembered.

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