Latest Model From Heat works On The Way

Last year a new model of Heat works shook the heating industry once more. Let’s face it. The concept of water heaters not requiring a tank is no longer a new idea but the existing ones are continued to be developed. New features are thought of and added into the old models. In 2017, Heat works decided to create another Kick starter campaign. Their first one was a success which is used to fund the Model 1. This time, they came back with a new offering – the Model 3. It is still a tankless water heating system but the difference is that it can be enabled through Wi-Fi.

For those who have not heard of tankless water heating system, it is Bdifferent from a system wherein water is stored in a tank and heated up inside. Instead, these new systems heat the water in an instantaneous manner and depending on the demand of the user. The patented technology currently employed by Heat works Model 3 is Ohmic Array which utilized the graphite electrodes. Through this method, no corrosion or scaling happens to the device which is commonly seen in traditional types of water heater tanks.

Despite being compact, the Model 3 can heat up water fast, as much as 4 gallons for every minute. The size of the device only measures 12 inches on all sides. Installation is very quick and easy. The system’s energy efficiency reaches up to 99 per cent.

The most modern feature of Heat works Model 3 is its new mobile app which can be used to control the tankless water heating system through WiFi. This gives the user the capacity to set the temperature wherever they are, they can monitor the amount of water they use every day and they can even limit the hot water they consume in the shower.

The model 3 of Heat works is only 15 lbs and it comes with an LED panel. The Kick starter campaign was set at a goal of $125,000 and those who donated were able to avail the unit for only $389 because the retail price is set at $599.

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