Latinos Are In Love With Their Harleys

There is a group of people called Harlistas – they share the same love for the Latino culture and Harley-Davidson rides. They come from different walks of life and there are those working in the factory, there are business owners as well as military veterans of the United States.

The Harlistas group was founded over 50 years ago. This is what they call themselves when they are proud owners of Harley brand rides and it creates instant bonds between these riders.

The same group is also the reason why the Harley-Davidson brand is considered as the top seller when it comes to new and on-street motorcycles for Hispanics that are residing in the United States. It separates themselves from the wide market of other Harley users which are considered to be minorities and nontraditional buyers.

According to the vice president of the global marketing and brand in Harley-Davidson, Shelley Paxton, Harley is selling as much as five times compared to other brands especially in the African-American market. When it comes to the Hispanics market, the sales are four times compared to other competing brands.

There is a high number of Harlistas located in Milwaukee while others are coming from Mexico, South America, Central America and Puerto Rico. Because of their different cultures, the motorcycles are also distinct to each.

The most distinct features of Harley is that it has tall handlebars, the chassis is low riding and the sound system would be blasting more likely Latino music. With this scene, it is perfect in Los Angeles’ San Bernardino freeway.

According to one of the Harlistas, Robert Miranda, who is also a member of LAMA or Latin American Motorcycle Association Milwaukee chapter, each person has distinct style and they have their own ways of showing off their Harley.

A Harley-Davidson is a symbol of success especially to those Latinos immigrants who decided to come to the United States.

According to Miranda, it shows that they have improved in terms of motorcycle riding.

One good thing about the brand is that it can be customized and you can easily buy motorcycle parts as it hasn’t changed much over the years.

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