Mandatory Training For Hair Stylist Deemed Unnecessary By Lawmaker

Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita is of the opinion that no human has ever died or fatally harm because of a bad result of blow drying or hair style. For the same reason, the Scottsdale Republican is proposing to rescind the state law that is mandating hair stylists in Arizona to have at least 1,100 hours worth of training in one of the school licensed by the state or else they are not allowed to style hair legally. Hairstylists in a hair salon in Bondi are in agreement with the proposal.

Ugenti-Rita heard about the predicament that Drybar is in. It is a business operating for ten years and specializes in fast blowouts. Their services have a wide scope including shampooing clients’ hair or putting a client’s hair up using pins. Drybar currently have three different locations all over the state.

The problem with Arizona law is that a simple firm as this has to get a state license in order to operate. In order for the business to get one, they must spend almost $10,000 for the application.

She said that when lobbyists from the business talked to her, they explained the scope of Drybar’s operation. It is quite clear that the state license is a hindrance in their hiring process. They can’t hire easily to perform the tasks of hair blowing or blowouts and hair styling. Their business does not have the same scope as that of a beauty salon.

They don’t do hair cutting and the salon does not have scissors inside. They don’t perform complicated hair operations such as colouring nor do they employ chemicals such as those used in perming.

Ugenti-Rita said that all they do is blow the hair, style it accordingly, they might arrange it into stylish do or they might curl it. The only tools they use on the hair are bobby pins.

Her proposal would mean that businesses such as Drybarwill be exempted to get a state license as long as their services only include shampooing and conditioning hair, drying, styling, arranging, curling, dressing and hot ironing the hair. The business must not use any chemicals such as those used by hair salon in Bondi when they perm, straighten or colour the hair.

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