Maritime Sector To Aid In Climate Change Issue

If you’re lounging around in your beach side hammock near your island destination after spending hours looking through apartments in Castara, the perfect weather is something you’d appreciate. With climate change becoming a hot topic these days, island nations are the ones with the most reason to invest in efforts against climate change.

So it is, that Arend Biesebroek, the European Union’s Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, stated that the maritime sector has to pitch in its fair share in the efforts against climate change. He made this statement last Wednesday, March 8, at Chaguaramas, Trinidad at the launch of the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre – Caribbean.

Mr. Biesebroek has stated the fact that the commitments for the global reduction of emissions does not cover the maritime shipping sector, despite the fact that the current developments in technology have created feasible ways to lessen harmful emissions from seafaring vessels.

The Centre, located at the UTT Maritime Campus is the first to be established by the partnership of the European Union and the International Maritime Organization, with four more to follow. The purpose of the centres will be to tackle greenhouse emissions from maritime vessels, in accordance with global efforts to counter climate change. The centres will act as hubs for green, efficient technologies and emission monitoring for their respective regions; for this one, the Caribbean.

Mr. Biesebroek has stated that the EU recognizes the problem of climate change, stating that it is a serious issue in the modern world, and that it will have serious ramifications in all industries and endeavours, such as anti-poverty efforts, real estate, etc. He has emphasized the need for the global need to band together against climate change.

He has stated that, based on the EU’s data, the maritime shipping sector’s emissions are slated to increase by possibly 250% by the year 2050, based on developments in the future. He has countered this, however, by stating that current technology and optimized operational protocol can greatly increase the efficiency of the sector, reducing emissions by, possibly, 75%.

Whilst those apartments in Castara may not be affected by changes for the shipping industry, they, and everywhere else will be affected by climate change. The severity of this issue is one that continues to be repeated by experts across the globe.

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