Model Tess Holliday Says Inconsistent Sizing On Plus-Size Clothing Doesn’t Affect Her

Unlike those who shop from online retail stores like Dale and Waters, women who shop on traditional malls and stores are sometimes bothered by the inconsistent sizing on plus size clothes. But one plus size model doesn’t seem affected by it.
Tess Holliday has proven that no woman should ever worry about the number that is on their clothe labels.

The 29-year old plus size model had made true of this when she had shared a series of images detailing how inconsistent clothes sizes are through her own personal clothes which she shared on the social media platform, Instagram.

Holliday was consistently plagued by rumors concerning her size. There are some people who believe that the model is lying about her size 22 figure. But she doesn’t let the rumors get to her in any way. In fact, she even finds them as funny.

When she was cleaning her closet out in preparation for a big sale on the weekends, she says she can’t help but laugh at the people who say she’s lying about being 22.

Holliday says that the inconsistency of plus size clothes are infuriating. She said that she is a 2x in some brands but in others she is a 3x. There are even brands where she is a 4x. But what she is trying to point out in her posts is the fact that women should not allow the numbers on their clothes to define them.
According to Holliday, she could be size zero or 28 but that does not ‘define’ her. No one should judge other people by their photos. Holliday said that sizes and photos only help them look pretty but what truly matters is what is on the inside.

The most important thing is that one is happy and satisfied with herself and happy with whatever her size is.

This is not the first time that Tess Holliday had spoken about body image. Back in 2013, she started the #effyourbeautystandards hashtag and was part of the #SimplyBekini campaign last month all to encourage women to be proud of their body sizes.

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