More Than 1,000 Patients Benefit From Robotic-Assisted Dental Implants

Many people think twice about getting dental implants because they are quite expensive. However, there are dental implants in Reading that will provide you with a new smile for a relatively cheap price. Quality and affordable dental care is provided by a team of qualified and experienced dentists for patients who want to replace their missing teeth.

Since 2000, more than four million robotic-assisted surgeries were performed across multiple medical specialties that include cardiovascular, neurology and orthopedics. However, dental technology was only able to benefit from robotic technology when Yomi was launched. Yomi is an FDA-approved robot-assisted dental surgery system that provides assistance in the planning (pre-operative) and surgical (intra-operative) phases of the dental implant process.

In order to have a successful implant, there must proper pre-operative planning and high degrees of accuracy and precision. In order to achieve these objectives, dentists can use surgical robotic technologies. According to Neocis, leaders and pioneer in dental robotics, more than 1,000 dental implants were carried out in 2019 through the Yomi robotic system.

Yomi provides computerized navigation for physical guidance through robotic technology. The system ensures that the drill is in proper position, depth and orientation. The assistive technology provides the dental surgeon with complete control to allow a clear visualization of the surgical site.

According to Alon Moces, Ph.D, CEO of Neocis, the use of robotic technology in the dental sector is an exciting milestone for the company. Yomi is the direct result of a streamlined workflow and increase in system functionality. Yomi uses software to plan the pre-operative phase of the dental implant procedure and to provide navigational guidance to the surgical instruments to achieve proper position, angulation and depth so that the implant can be placed according to plan. Robotic technology is easy to incorporate into the dental practice to establish a new standard of care of dental implant patients.

Meanwhile the problem of many dental implant patients is not the technology but the affordability of the dental procedure. There are affordable dental implants in Reading including dentures, full restorations, crowns and other general dental services. The most advanced dental technology is used to bring high quality care to patients.

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