Move To Southeast Asia Without Financial Concern By Teaching English

If you are planning to move or retire to another country but does not have enough money to fund the decision then you should try and look into Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia presents the best opportunity for foreigners who are native English speakers because of the continued growth of the middle class category in this section of the globe, every member country of the ASEAN is starting to see some progressive development and the majority of these countries are pushing for their population to be more fluent in English. Retirees can move to another country without worrying about their finances once they have found a place where they can teach English.

Teaching English is easily the most widely used method of earning wages in this part of the world, not to mention that there is a very high demand for English teachers. Each country has a different requirement when it comes to their English teachers but majority of individuals are able to get the high-paying job with not much to prepare for.

Countries in Southeast Asia demand that the teacher should have a bachelor’s degree or a higher form of certification. This demand can be waived by the institution especially those located in the rural areas since the demand is quite high but the recruiting process is not easy. Teaching in remote location may be rewarding but if does not pay well compared to schools in the metro. Majority of these remote places will be able to provide the teacher a place to live in, shoulder the utilities and provide food daily but many are not able to afford paying wages.

Schools located in the cities are a different story when it comes to teaching English. There are very important factors that are required such as a certification including TEFL, TESOL and CELTA aside from having a college degree. The easiest way to get a certification is to apply for a TEFL course since it is easier and more affordable compared to the other two. These courses can be accomplished online and different agencies such as Entrust TEFL have varying requirements when it comes to student interaction before they can finally graduate and given the certificate.

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