New Program Inspired By Dr. Phil Launched In An Addiction Treatment Facility

Dr. Phil McGraw, a psychologist and a famous talk show host on television, recently developed a new treatment program geared towards people with addiction. The program makes use of virtual reality in helping patients battle their addiction. It can be used in alcohol dependency rehab and facilities treating patients of substance abuse. In fact, a treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction located in Delray Beach is already using the program for their recovery boot camp.

According to Recovery Boot Camp’s CEO, Tim Schnellenberger, they are very proud to be able to offer their patients a team of experts that will provide treatment for addiction through Path to Recovery program which was launched by Dr. Phil. The boot camp aims to treat as well as educate patients into the state of sobriety. They will employ AA programs alongside Healing Properties for Men which is a living community for patients who are already sober and considered to be under recovery.

The Path To Recovery program was launched by Dr. Phil McGraw together with Jay McGraw, his son. It makes use of virtual reality or VR in order for patients in a certain facility to have a face to face interaction with Dr. Phil without having to leave their treatment facilities. Dr. Phil is already an established figure because of his over 45 years of experience in treating patients with addiction and he is also a professional in the field of mental health.

Schnellenberger said that the VR program is now a part of their treatment plan devised for patients. There will be differences based on the issues faced by the patient. One of the staffs at Recovery Boot Camp who is a therapist and clinical director at the same time, Lauren Tynes, said thatclients have been observed to be more responsive when they utilize technology which resulted to them being more open with their struggles.

The use of virtual reality in alcohol dependency rehab can be useful when the patient is starting to shut down during talk therapy which can affect their treatment results. The VR program tackles a number of topics such as self-concept, emotions, coping skills goal attainment, rewarding successes, congruency, managing recovery, enabling and relaxation.

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