New Shop Opens- Selling Products Similar To Handmade Soaps At Lotus House

Whether we like it or not, soaps are essential to human life. In fact, in majority of the countries in the world today, soaps are included in the list of basic commodities whose price cannot be touched whenever there’s a declared state of calamity in a specific city or state. Soaps are among the most commonly-used by human beings in their lives as soaps have different purposes. For starters, soaps are used whenever we take a bath. Proper choice and application of soaps during bath are two keys to successfully cleansing your body off dirt and dust particles. In addition to this, some of the soaps that you can readily buy from the grocery stores, now have the capability to whiten the skin and also to moisturize the skin. Also, some soaps are now made to deal with serious skin problems. Now, there are many kinds of soaps that are randomly popping out in the market today but one kind of soap has been gaining and sustaining a huge amount of popularity and those are the handmade soaps at Lotus House and other stores which sell soaps which are manufactured using various essential oils for added fragrance.

If you are a huge fan of Lush, a British brand known for its products that are used for bathing similar to the handmade soaps at Lotus House, you don’t need to travel all the way to the United Kingdom just to be able to get your hands into one of their products. If you happen to be working and residing in Bangkok, the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, this is definitely a good news for you. In December of 2016, Lush officially opened its Bangkok branch which is now located at Siam Centre. In fact, even before its official opening, the brand’s Facebook page in Thailand which was launched last November of 2016, has already recorded over 1,000 hits of the “Like” button which only proved that the Thai nationals were already hyped for Lush’s arrival to the city. Lush has been famous worldwide for their wide variety of bathing products which are all 100% vegetarian.

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