New Trends Bring Big Business To Hairdressers

Trends are responsible for influx of customers to Bondi Junction hairdresser; they want to change the hair they were born with. There are women that have been blessed with beautiful curls but they prefer to have it straightened out. Those with straight hair go to the hairdresser for wave and curls.

Trends are responsible for the return of the most memorable hairdos of the 80’s. Perms are making a comeback but it is no longer the tight brittle waves but the new wave perm that has a gentler look. It is not the corkscrew but more “beachy” waves that people like to be seen with. During a fashion show, Gucci and Celine have some curly-haired models who displayed the spring and summer 2019 collection.

Emma Stone created a trend for celebrity perms last year when her makeup artist posted her mid-perm pictures on Instagram. This was quickly followed by actors Jaime King and Olivia Munn. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Priyanka Chopra and Taylor Hill appeared at the Cannes red carpet with waves. Even men are joining the trend with the John Snow effect.

The earliest perms date back to 1872.In 1938, Arnold F. Willatt developed the cold wave perm that uses ammonium thioglycolate instead of heat. Chemical perms today have switched to using sodium thioglycolate. Modern techniques vary to create a new wave perm.

The perception of perms is similar to haircuts. During the 70’s and 80’s the trend was graphic cuts, quite short, extreme cuts and bubble perms. Nowadays, perms are for longer hair so that it will not stand away from the head. Instead of the traditional perm rods, hairdressers are using bigger and softer hair rollers.

Society has also changed the way it looks at curls. Curly, frizzy or wavy hair was perceived as being unprofessional and comes with racist connotations. Recent years saw black men and women embracing the more natural afro hair textures.

Some people prefer to express their individuality through the hair. They go to Bondi Junction hairdresser for a perm, hair colour or highlights. The hairdresser on the other hand will make sure that the hair style will suit the client’s hair texture, condition and appearance.

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