New Trends For A Seafood Buffet In Patong

Eating is already considered a hobby to some people in today’s times. Like it or not, food is sometimes the source of happiness especially if you’re dead tired from a long day at work or you simply want, love to eat. For hearty eaters who can eat more than what others can, a trip to a buffet, a seafood buffet in Patong for example, is a must. Unlike ala-carte types of restaurants where you only order what you can pay for, a buffet type of a restaurant like the ones located in Patong in Thailand, which is a beach town in the south of the kingdom, may be a bit expensive to begin with but the thing about buffet restaurants, you can get as much as food as you can possibly finish. You just have to make sure that you will be able to finish or they will charge you for any leftovers. You can easily find a nice seafood buffet in Patong because of its location which makes it an instant tourist destination.

Nowadays, the industry of restaurants, specifically the buffet restaurants are continuing in their respective ways to improve their menu, their service and the way serve their loyal clients. These new trends in seafood restaurants, whether it’s an ala-carte or buffet, should be taken by their respective managements if they intend to keep up with the competition. For example, a seafood buffet in Patong has buffet theme nights daily from 6:30PM to 10:30PM and the prices vary depending on the day which you chose. Below are some of the newest trends seafood restaurants should pick up on if they intend keep moving forward:

  • One of the emerging trends in seafood buffets, seafood restaurants in general, is serving different dishes of fish that are topped with crab. It’s a seafood-on-seafood feature that follows the same trend in the meat dishes which top a meat dish with another type of meat. According to experts, adding crab as a topping to any fish dishes makes the dishes themselves richer in flavour and lighter.
  • Another trend in seafood buffets that has been growing in the last 3 years is serving fish belly dishes. Although it’s still in the experimental stage for most independent restaurants, it will be a tremendous trend in the future considering the fact that the number of dishes using fish belly has increased by 8.1% in the past 3 years.

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