New York City Tourism During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the global tourism industry but just like any crisis, this too shall pass. The tourism industry must rethink their marketing strategies for the future. One marketing tool that they can consider is the use of illustrated maps. One example is the New York City illustrated map that you can view by clicking here.

Before the pandemic, New York has welcomed a record breaking number of 65 million tourists from all over the world. The city earned $44 billion which was more than enough to keep hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, theaters and museums afloat. Now, New York City is experiencing the worst economic crisis since the 1970’s particularly since no one knows when visitors will return.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral used to be filled with tourists but with travel discouraged and social distancing measures in place, the neo-Gothic structure is largely empty. The cathedral is facing a budget shortfall of about $4 million. The Cathedral relies on donations collected during mass and fund-raising events. The cathedral’s director has no other option but to beg for funding.

The Yankee Stadium attracts about 40,000 baseball fans with most of them coming from different towns. The baseball season will be starting soon but without spectators to prevent the spread of the virus. Merchants and vendors around the stadium will lose their main source of income because there are no fans who will buy their goods. Without the spectators, how will the small store owners survive?

The soonest possible time for Broadway to reopen will be next year. Tickets have been refunded or exchanged. Reopening is a big challenge because Broadway shows are usually watched by tourists and seniors that are very unlikely to return to Times Square. This is the longest time that Broadway was without shows and audiences.

However, it won’t hurt to remind tourists all over the world what is in store for them when things return to normal. Illustrated maps of the city can be printed on brochures and posters to diversify the marketing campaign. The example of the illustrated map that you viewed by clicking here is very appealing and attractive to viewers.

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