Next-Generation Tires Will Warn You That They Need Replacement

When you bought a new car, did you make an effort to check the tire brand? The truth is tires are always taken for granted; after all it is just a tire and does not need routine checks. The only time that a car owner becomes seriously concerned with the tires is when they look dangerously flat.

According to Emilio Tiberio, Chief Technology Officer of Bridgestone Europe, car owners will no longer ignore next-generation tires because they will actively seek out your attention. Tire information is available in many cars and SUVs but next-generation tires will tell the fleet manager that they are running dangerously low or they are wearing thin and can no longer perform their job.

Next-generation tires will also be lighter with connected technology that will report their functions. New connected tires will also warn motorists about the presence of dangerous obstacles like potholes. Sensors are also being developed so that fleet managers can easily measure pressure and determine whether there is damage to the tire.

Innovations in the tire industry are being driven by rapid transformations in mobility. With the emergence of electric vehicles, new tire technologies are being optimized. The key trends can be summarized in CASE that includes connection, automated, shared and electrified.

Tires that limit noise are being developed including a cut in weight by an average 10%. However, the introduction of self-driving vehicles has presented new problems. The driver is not actually the one driving. It is very likely that he is reading or checking emails. This means that the noise level and vibrations have to be limited.

Early this year, Bridgestone purchased telematics fleet-management business division of TomTom NV for $1 billion so that it can compete in the world of connected and intelligent cars. Bridgestone Corp of Japan is the biggest tire company in the world in terms of sales that has reached $27.22 billion in 2017.

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