Nottingham Homes For Sale With Only £30 Energy Costs

Energy cost is not something that can be neglected by homeowners especially that it is getting more expensive as the months pass by. Homeowners have many expenses to consider aside from energy cost such as boiler repairs in Nottingham, groceries and phone bills. It is now common to hear on the news about the hike in energy cost therefore many home buyers are trying to avoid homes with very high energy bills.

Good news for home buyers looking for homes with at least £30 worth of energy bill every month because there are new homes for sale located at Wood borough Road. These homes are equipped with sustainable sources and materials like triple glazing, heat pumps utilizing air sources and solar panels. These are common features that can be found in the homes for sale in order to help reduce the monthly electricity bill as much as possible.

If these features are not as attractive, the developers are also highlighting features that will appeal to techie home buyers. This is because the houses have zonal heating which were installed under the floor, CCTV system that is connected to mobile monitoring, cat 6 wiring, control hubs accessible through the iPad and sound systems from Sonos.

There are only two houses available for grab which is located inside a small development project. In total, there are only 11 houses and the development site is located just five minutes away from the center of the city.

Savills Nottingham’s residential sales team’s associate, Luke Billson, said that this is a rare opportunity for buyers to buy a house that is traditional in design but equipped with modern facilities. In addition, the development is situated in an eco-friendly surrounding.

He said that the homes are sustainable that the new home owners will only need to pay a minimum of £30 for energy bill every month. This is due to the solar panels installed and heat pumps with air source. This is good news considering unexpected expenses such as boiler repairs in Nottingham which can be a headache if not financially prepared.

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