Patong Beach: Choosing The Right Hotel

Patong Beach has the best of everything. This crescent-shaped beach offers partying, playing, and relaxing. Travelers can choose to dive right in to the always busy nightlife and shopping that the place is most famous for, or they can opt for the more quiet and serene parts of town.

Whatever tourist style it is: busy or peaceful, one major consideration tourists must never forget is to choose a sea view hotel in Patong Beach. Access to the beauty of the Andaman Sea and of Patong Beach itself should be non-negotiable.

Hotels that are right at the beach have their own charm, but guests will not be able to escape the hectic vibe of the place. It is quite busy, day in and day out, with commercial establishments such as cafés, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. It can overwhelm from the sheer impact of the heat, sights, and sounds, and can take away from the expected and much sought after exotic Eastern feel.

Soi Bangla or Bangla Road offers the best of this Patong nightlife experience. World-class nightclubs are grouped with local bee bars and they compete with each other to get tourists into their establishments. The whole street is packed with tourists, street performers, and vendors, making the 400-metre street an all-year round festival. There are many other famous establishments not found on Soi Bangla that are easily found within the area.

For the best views, travelers are better served going further inland and above the beach for their accommodations. High above everything else, this area has spectacular views of the sea, the beach, and the sun as it sets and rises. Here, guests are removed from the hustle and bustle of the Soi Bangla area and are treated to a much lusher and more luxurious environment. It is far enough away to offer tourists an exotic taste of Thailand, but still be close enough to the town for a bit of fun.

Choosing the right sea view hotel in Patong Beach is the first thing travelers must consider. It is best to go further inland for access to all things Patong and Thai: partying, playing, and a little bit of peace.

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