Pattaya A Magnet For Chinese Travelers

Pattaya, the seaside resort found in the kingdom of Thailand, is known for its nightlife and naughty side but it is not what’s attracting Chinese travellers to the area annually. They use social media platforms such as We Chat as a guide to things worth seeing in the island. Some of these tourists are staying in family residence in Pattaya and others are investing in real estate.

One of the popular attractions in Pattaya is the Tiffany’s Show which showcases transgender talents and started in 1974. Up until this day, it is still as popular with hundreds of spectators nightly. There is an entrance fee worth 900 baht for regular tickets while VIP tickets cost 1,600 baht. Despite the expensive ticket prices, many are still willing to see the show. In fact, over 60 per cent of the spectators are Chinese nationals.

In 2017, around 35 million foreign travellers came to Thailand and about 30 per cent are Chinese. With this, China remains to be the highest tourist market of the country for three consecutive years. Pattaya is located 100 kilometres at the southeastern part of Bangkok. Last year, around 10 million international travelers came to Pattaya and 2 to 3 million of these tourists were from China. The figures were provided by the local tourism authorities.

The difference between Chinese tourists and other nationalities is that they are not interested in the nightlife of Pattaya or its naughty offerings. They are looking to experience the area by trying out foods, transgender show and silk.

According to Chan Xiali, one of the audiences of Tiffany’s Show said that he knows many people who have seen the show and they have given their recommendations. They wanted to witness the show because of the beauties of the transgender and because of their graceful performances.

Chan is a resident of Guangdong province and considers his self to be an independent traveller in the country. His only guide during the trip is social media platforms like We Chat. This is where he turns to when he needs advises regarding hotels or restaurants to eat out. Some of these Chinese travellers book family residence in Pattaya as they come in groups while others stay at hotels by the resort.

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