Perth Investment In Properties- Strong Fundamentals

There is a big opportunity for all points kitchen and bathroom renovations in the Perth Property Investment industry say analysts. Though the real picture in Perth involves issues on confidence by property investors in the market, the fundamentals though remain to be very strong. The premise for most analysts when assessing Perth is that issues on fear on the property market will eventually be dropped and the market will continue getting strong.

According to the head of the Hegney Property Group, there is lesser risk when buying properties in Perth today compared to buying in the Sydney market. Gavin Hegney further pressed on that buying a property in Sydney is mainly out of an emotive boom.

Hegney is one of the most respected and trusted property investment professionals in Australia. The property investment group said that Perth is an opportunity not just for the local investors but also for the national property investors to hedge the likely dip in the investment properties in Melbourne and Sydney. This statement was released after speculations that the emotional fever in the property markets on the two major cities are wearing off. Hegney added that in the next 12 months, investing in Perth will be a very good move.

Investing for your retirement years

Investing in properties is deemed to be one of the safest investments you can make. Before you even think of investing in real estate properties, you need to know these golden rules.

1. You need to know what your budget is. Before you even invest in real property, it is important that you thoroughly understand your cash flow. You need to ask your bank for an approval in your investment loan so that you will get an idea of how much you can borrow.

2. Do not underestimate overhead costs. Ensure that you include in your budgets for insurance, rates and general repairs.

3. Buy in an area with a promising growth rate. Be guided accordingly and choose a property that is situated in an area where the market demand for rental is strong. Buy properties that are close to universities, schools and transport.

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