Public Complaining About Expensive Airport Food In Thailand

After many complaints from the public because of the very expensive foods sold at different airports in Thailand, the authorities decided to step in and take measures in order to control the sky rocketing prices set by food outlets. This is opposite to what is known to locals and tourists, that everything in Thailand is cheaper. It is common to see restaurant promotion in Bangkok and food deals all over the country.

An inspection was conducted by PailinChuchottawornand it was revealed that a number of food items as well as beverages for sate at the airport in Don Mueang are priced higher than recommended. After the inspection in Don Mueang, Mr. Pailin said that there is some truth to the complain of the public regarding high prices but he added that there are other options for travellers as there are many shops in the area.

The public’s outrage was fueled after the remark made by WeerasakKowsurat, the tourism and sports minister. He said that passengers who are not willing to pay for expensive food and beverages should eat before going to the airport or eat only when they are on-board their flights.

The Office of the Ombudsmand is already starting an investigation regarding the problem of food price inflation in the airports in the country. The office will be conducting inspections on all of the airports to check the prices of food and beverages. The inspection will start next month, according to WitthawatRachatanan, the current acting chief Ombudsman.

He added that the items sold at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports are more expensive by 40 to 50 per cent compared to the average price in the market.

The issue came into light after the complaint from Japanese media regarding the high prices in the airport. Prayut Chan-o-cha then ordered the authorized agencies to conduct investigations regarding the matter.

There will be a discussion between the AoT and the Transport Ministry regarding creating a committee that will conduct inspection on all the airports. The tourists and locals will soon find that prices of restaurant promotion in Bangkok are not that far from the airport food and beverages.

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